VITAMAN- Pop up spa

About This Project

The Brief:

Re-introduce VITAMAN to the Australian market.

The Solution / The Idea:

Host a pop-up spa, focusing on the VITAMAN signature men’s facial.

SBCo hosted a pop-up spa at Paramount Hotel’s rooftop. The day consisted of one-on-one treatment consultations with the head VITAMAN treatment specialist before 45-minute facials. This was focused at the male media and influencers. The consultations before the facials allowed the therapist to tailor the products to each persons skin.

As there are many female beauty writers, we wanted to include them so a hand massage station was set up with two beauty therapists to perform hand scrubs and massages while talking through all of  VITAMAN’s signature products. This allowed all beauty and relevant media to experience and be immersed in the products themselves.

The Results:

The pop up spa was very successful, hosting guests such as Mark Beretta from Network 7, Richard Clune Editor at Robb Report, David Schmitt at GQ, Nicholas Fonseca at Stellar, Richard Reid, Julia Naughton at SMH and Hannah Gay at Professional Beauty just to name a few.

The feedback about the treatments and products were all very positive and each guest left with a gift bag plus a list of all products used during their treatment. Each guest was very engaged through the treatments, wanting to know about the the products and about VITAMAN. The founder Clare was there all day to talk to guests, allowing them to get to know her story and insight into the men’s grooming industry which she has been pioneering for 20 years.

Post event several stories were posted to the publications invited to the spa day.